La Nostra Storia, una Passione che diventa Arte The “Brasilena Caffè S.r.l.”(or Brasilena Coffee Ltd) is one of the most remarkable campana’s company in the roasting field, in both packaging and marketing. The story of Brasilena Caffè began with a handcraft experience born through founder, Francesco Conte, who tied the values of a family into the coffee business, which is the Neapolitan beverage par excellence. Since 1960 the Conte family has developed their flavoured coffee by daily enriching it with the core values set out by the founder: know-how, passion and love for raw material. In a small town, not so far from Neaples, where the coffee culture seems was born even before of the man himself, Conte conceived tiny roasting in Aversa, in Caserta province, where the aroma of a freshly roasted coffee flowed out from his small cellar, used as his creation lab “Brasilena Caffè”. ﷯ In order to purchase and store small quantities of product to be enjoyed at home, a shop was built next to the lab, where, the roasting cycles grew from weekly to almost daily. The product is refined by modern knowledges and daring home-made choises, which day after day improves the final product: the raw coffee. The raw coffee origin is the Central America carefully blended by the hands of the “Master” Francesco. He was the first to sense the young market which increasingly require varied and disparates kinds of coffee blends . Thus the different blends of "Brasilena" come to life: describing its own evolution over the years, enough to include the product in the category of excellence in the coffee field. “Brasilena Caffè” besides being a reliable trade mark is also the voice of a hystorically well-established company, based on a strong company policy adopted by family owned business: the craftsmanship. “Brasilena Caffè” imports its raw materials from abroad, these are carefully selected and then blended to make perfect, simple and quality of raw coffee. The material reaches Italy simply devided according to a harvest, territory and type. By skilled blending, the product of "Brasilena" reaches the end user, together with its coffee flavor, through the first three sips. The drink snatches beyond the know-how, passion and love for the product, to become a daring and successful testing of different coffee blends, offered by use of varied raw materials. The process of creation is centred around an accurate selection from the origin, the different qualities of coffee are purchased and worked on, meaning the “Brasilena” coffee, may be distingueshed in the field of execellence.
Brasilena Caffè s.r.l. - Via della Libertà, 36 - 81030 - Lusciano (CE) - Italy