Step 1 - Filling the Coffee Loader

The first processing cycle consist in filling the appropriate quantity of raw coffee into the load, that once charged will transfer  the row coffee inside the hopper , which is a receptacle, where coffee is waiting to be lowered into the kiln.

Production Cycle

The coffee processing may be divided in seven working cycles: uploading, roasting, cooling, destoning, unloading, ripening, blending and packaging.


Step 2 - Roasting

Here it starts the second working cylce, named "The roasting." The coffee begins its essential and delicate cooking process, which takes place in a kiln completely made up of cast iron that toasts and blends the coffee at the same time. This is possible because of special paddles, positioned inside of the kiln which helps obtain a perfect and uniform roasted coffee. The roaster with his know-how will decide when the roasting is completed and it pulls out the coffee from the kiln.

Step 3 - Cooling

Once the second cycle is completed the third one starts. This cycle is named the cooling where the coffee is laid into a tank. This tank rotates the coffee and also provides of cooling through special engines.

Step 4 - Destoning

The coffee once cooled switches to the destoning cycle inside a machine that only allows the ascent of the selected material into the silo thanks to special sensors detecting the weight of the coffee and therefore does not permit the passage of any slag found in the coffee. The slags found, remain in a specific housing.

Step 5 - Unloading

The unloading cycle is the next step where the coffee is placed in jute bags.



Subsequently it is placed on special wooden platforms waiting for the ripening phase to be completed.


During the ripening cycle the coffee bean releases an oily substance that indicates the successful maturation of the product; the ripening cycle takes about 15-20 days, this of course depends on each type of coffee. When the ripening is completed the blending cycle begins. That is the most delicate step where the finest types of coffee are blended with the right doses to give life to the final product that, once duly packaged, will be delivered to the customer ready to be tasted.



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