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Production Cycle

The production phases

Coffee processing may be divided into seven phases: loading, roasting, cooling, stone removal, unloading, ripening, blending and packaging.

Phase 1: Filling the magazine

The first step is to fill the loader with the right quantity, which, once loaded, will transport the raw coffee inside the hopper, a container where the coffee waits to be dropped into the kiln.

Phase 2: Roasting

Here begins the second phase, namely the roasting phase, where the coffee begins its delicate and fundamental cooking process which takes place in a kiln completely made of cast iron, which simultaneously roasts and blends it with special blades positioned at the internal to favor the perfect and uniform roasting of the coffee. For better information and facts popular online casinos. The roaster, with his know-how, decides when the roasting is completed and it pulls out the coffee from the kiln.

Phase 3: Cooling

Here comes the third phase, named cooling, where coffee is laid inside a tank. In addition to spinning the coffee, this tank takes care of the heat draft through special motors.

Phase 4: Stone removal

Once it has cooled down, another phase of stone removal is passed where the coffee is made to pass inside a machine that allows only the selected material to rise in the silo thanks to the presence of special sensors that recognize the weight of the coffee and do not allow then the ascent of all any slag present in coffee that remain lying in a special plane.

Phase 5: Unloading

Then the unloading cycle takes place, where the coffee is placed in jute bags.

Phase 6: Positioning on the platforms

Subsequently coffee is placed on special wooden platforms while waiting for the ripening phase to be completed.

Phase 7: Packaging

During the ripening phase the coffee bean releases an oily substance that indicates the maturation of the product; the ripening cycle takes place in about 7-10 days, obviously depending on each type of coffee. When the ripening is completed, another very delicate phase begins: blending cycle. It is the most is the most delicate step where the finest types of coffee are blended with the right doses to give life to the final product that, once duly packaged, will be delivered to the customer ready to be tasted.

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